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A Year Without Target

Happy New Year!  This year, I’m not going to Target.  Seriously, that’s a resolution!

Ok, so I am behind on some stuff.  Blogging, for example.  Somehow, I got so busy cooking with fall produce that although I have plenty to say about squashes and root vegetables and late-season greens, I missed the window of opportunity to write about what I was making week after week after week, until the growing season ended along with my remaining shreds of intent.

In restaurants, the early months of the year can be the leanest ones.  Everyone goes on a diet or a budget for the New Year, which means people eat out less, at least until they lose their resolve not to.  Without the inspiration of fresh, local produce to keep the menu in its preferred state of constant and creative change, our Cafe simmers quietly through the winter by plating classic comforts as we await the reopening of our favorite farmers’ markets and anticipate the awakening taste of spring’s first tender asparagus.

Although I have yet to find the time to put away my Christmas decorations, and although my first visit to the gym this year did not occur until January 12th, I am determined to make good on some of my resolutions this year.  In fact, I believe my chances for success are greater if I strive for long-term actualization instead of declaring myself a lost cause two days into the year.

In my life and in my work, food and community are inextricably, symbiotically connected.  The choices we make about what we consume every day have a very direct effect not only on the physical health of our own bodies but on the economic, environmental, and emotional health of our communities and our world.

This year, I want to give myself a better awareness and understanding of my choices as a consumer of stuff that’s not food.  Because my public self screams LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL all day long and yet, at the end of many days I find myself at the hypocrite end of a shiny red shopping cart, pushing my child who eats multicolored Goldfish crackers from a bag I have yet to pay for in cash or future uneaten dinner, loading up on way too much… STUFF.

No more, I say.  In 2012, I’m staying out of Target.  Who’s with me?


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