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There’s a Monster in my Closet!

When the Shopping List Challenge was challenging me, I realized that it’s often an apparel component that sends my list straight to Target.  Sometimes it’s small electrics, but usually apparel.  Everything else on this list I was pretty sure I could get at a regular supermarket, and lo and behold I did.

It was just one simple thing from my list, plain white t-shirts, that made this a Target-type list… and made my head spin.  For days.  I had to overthink this one a lot!  But that is what My Year Without Target is for, right?  Getting me to understand myself better as a consumer and make more deliberate choices about where and why I buy things…

When I was a kid if you wore clothes from Kmart (the Target of its day in many ways) they looked like clothes from Kmart and they looked, well, like what they were.  Poorly designed and cheaply made, like something you’d expect to buy two aisles away from the cat litter.  They looked bad.  Kids made fun of other kids who wore them.

Not so at modern-day Target.  It is possible to buy flattering, stylish, durable clothing there.  Trendy designers now create exclusive lines that are Available Only At Target.  But the clothes are still mostly produced cheaply overseas and available two aisles away from the cat litter… and though we may look way cuter in them, they’re really just another nail in the coffin of our individuality.

I view the Target-heavy contents of my own wardrobe with a mixture of horror and amusement.  How the hell did I get so lazy?  Somewhere along the line while shopping with a little kid for a little kid I stopped even leaving the little kids’ department to get stuff for myself!

The fact that as a healthy, average-sized adult I can buy matching outfits for myself and my six-year-old in the girls’ section of Target and quite possibly look more age-appropriate in mine is troubling.  It truly speaks volumes about America’s nutritional crisis to think that we’ve doomed a generation of large, sexy children to wearing such clothes.

Deep inside I’ve always known better than to go to Target for jeans or lingerie.  But I have… and I live with the shame.  I’ll smugly shrug off the compliments I receive on my fine-looking duds, but I know their true proximity to the cat litter.


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